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Mrs. Deeptha Prasad

Area Coordinator G-1 to 4

I am Deepta Prasad,

Coordinator of the Primary block. 

I am an Engineering graduate & hold a diploma in software programming. I started my career as a software developer in Bengaluru.


Having received a basic training in Carnatic music, I draw immense joy in singing and listening to good music, especially old movie songs.


As is rightly said, “Life as a teacher starts the day we realise that we are always learners.” My

journey as a teacher started in 2012 at LILY. I started the course as a Primary teacher and have

taught Math & English. It has been an amazing and fulfilling experience since then. Further, I

completed B.Ed to improve my teaching proficiency.


I believe in the saying, “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” I am passionate about my work and have a steady source of motivation that drives me to do the best. Being tech-savvy, I try to incorporate technology into my work and teaching.


Cornerstone has given me the platform to fine-tune my strengths. I have tried to exude energy

through action to motivate my team. I firmly believe in creating a bond with my students and

establishing a strong foundation in them which gives a great sense of accomplishment and I strive to make the learning process enjoyable and comfortable.


Yes, teaching has its challenges, which we face and conquer every day. But the rewards of this

profession are far more superior. As educators and facilitators, we have a responsibility to make

the world a better place. I feel Cornerstone is exactly the place where people can develop and make a difference.

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