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I am Vineetha Susan John,


Head of Department of Computer Science and Area Coordinator in Cornerstone School. I am a postgraduate in Computer Science and Graduate in Science and Education. I also come with extensive experience from Department of Examinations and am a regular participant in CBSE workshops.


The mix of career experience – 4 years in software industry and around 8 years in the field of education – helps me not only to impart concepts to children with right purpose, but also to equip them to explore more to reach their full potential in the area of Computer Science. I believe that when a student is confident, he or she can stand up and express an opinion and support it with facts. And we, as teachers help our students to build that confidence.


I joined Cornerstone family 2 years back and the journey since then has been enriching. Cornerstone school enables opportunities for every teacher to use their potential and watch their students grow. The school is also a perfect place for students to learn, explore and express as they grow in wisdom and confidence. I am passionate about my work, which is the world's most noble profession and service to our society.

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