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I am Smita Sarkar Chakraborty ,Head of English Department, Cornerstone.


My life took a 360-degree turn, on arriving into the teaching profession. I have always been passionate about the English Language, but when I started handling youngsters, I discovered I have with me a bunch of high-potential, self-learning individuals whom I could model, and in turn do something worthwhile for the society along with accomplishing my mission of serving God through serving children.


I am a post graduate in English Literature, with TESOL certification and have over 10+yrs of industry experience. I have worked with children and adults of all ages and specialize in developing English language skills among learners. I am pragmatic, proactive, open and respectful. I love taking on big challenges, and these challenges have forged me into being progressive, task oriented and patient.


Mediation and Yoga along with chanting gives me mental strength and stamina.


My supplementary interests include tweaking writing skills of young learners and devouring movies or books that bestow a tingling after-taste.

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