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Mr. Venu Kolluru

HOD - Telugu

I am Mr. Venu Kolluru, 


Head of the Telugu Department at Cornerstone and I very proudly say Cornerstone is my school. Yes, I can say it as I have been with Cornerstone for 6 years now and this is how Cornerstone has made me feel. Initially I taught Classes 5, 6 and 7.In my very first year of work, being with the young minds, their friendly nature, their energy, love and enthusiasm took me to the whole new world and these children became a part of my life forever.


There is one thing about us at Cornerstone, no matter what the task at hand is, we succeed Our school provides a safe, friendly, encouraging and motivating environment for our students. Our students attend various competitions and they are trained to give best in everything they do, and bring back laurels. My eyes swell up with tears each year during the alumni meets where our ex-students. 


Being associated with a school which constantly strives to achieve the highest standards in education is a pleasure beyond words. I will be forever indebted to Ms. Sharmila Ma'am for giving me the opportunity to work for and be a valuable member of this wonderful Cornerstone family.

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